The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot The Outsider by Colin Wilson Holy .. El tema no es Hitler, sino la lanza de longino y el cristianismo esotérico. . LA LANCE DU DESTIN (Camion Noir). How hitler inverted the force in a bid to conquer the world. The paper of wabash county june 10, issue issuu. For 18 years we provide a free and legal. Buy La lance du destin by Trevor Ravenscroft, Tahir de La Nive (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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This is a good one. The manuscript does not specify di where it was kept, but the Holy Lance gives a description that exactly matches the lance, the monastery gate, since the thirteenth century precisely, the name of Geghardavank Monastery of the Holy Lance. One gets a clear picture that Hitler had an appetite for power and mortal invincibility.

Read this for entertainment only. It was later returned to Armenia at Echmiadzin, where it is always visible in the museum Manoogianenshrined in a 17th-century reliquary.

Ravenscroft, Trevor 1921-1989

This one is a really really weird book. If you are looking for a physical literal grail. A better introductory book to the topic is Peter Levenda’s Unholy Alliance.

When you look into this this is same story as This one is a really really weird book. So the final verdict would be – interesting book that reads more like fiction than some serious book again considering the subject this is to be expected. The author also relays personal accounts who saw the madness and evil take control of Hitler as he pursued ultimate power through the spear and his dark destiny. May 12, Keats27 rated it it was amazing.


This book tells you of a hidden history of occult manipulation and control of power since times of the roman empire. As far out as the premise is you would think that at the least Spear of Destiny would be somewhat entertaining, maybe in the vain of something like one of those wacky right wing Dstin books that claims world elites are shapeshifting Satan worshippers, but Spear of Destiny actually manages to be boring on top of everything else.

Recommended to Candace by: La lancia del destino: Feb 03, Jake rated it liked it.

Mar 24, jackie rated it did not like it. It makes you look at history from a gavenscroft perspective, and gives you another explanation of why humans love war, death and carnage throughout their history. Just before they did so, they realized that Jesus was already dead and that there was no reason to break his legs. Trivializing by conflating fact and fiction. The role and impact of the Luciferic Spirit is evident in the life and downward spiral of Adolf Hitler.

Somewhere in the middle book seems to loose its footing and starts a spiral into such a static-noise of numerous characters, re-incarnations, hidden histories and events that your head will spin until it ends in such a abrupt manner it is unbelievable – I had to re-read the ending few times in order to make sure I am not missing pages.


La lance du destin by Trevor Ravenscroft on Apple Books

Perhaps Napoleon tregor right about China. Frank Baum, Robert E. Despite of what Trevor Ravenscroft thinks, this is not history, it’s fiction! Now I remember how he states in the sequel to this book that when the war against radical Islam is over, a greater conflict with the Chinese will take over.

I fact checked the chapter on biodynamics and Nazi imitations of “peppering” – bullshit. The main piece becomes The Lamb, the host that is consecrated on the altar and distributed to the faithful trsvor Holy Communion.

Inthe Russians captured the monastery and the relic was ravennscroft to Tchitchanov Geghard, TbilisiGeorgia. This was based on the belief that the nail embedded in the spear-tip was one lacne had been used for the Crucifixion of Jesus.

What more can you say? The book begins with an extensive background on the occult nature of the Nazis, the ideology of Adolph Hitler and the Spear of Destiny the spear of Longinus which pierced the side of Jesus Christ. The cup of destiny: The mark of the Beast: How prescient he was indeed. There are few elements that you will not see coming – I especially liked the turn on Tibetans.

And what a pagentry it was!