Complete aeronautical information about John F Kennedy International Airport ( New York, NY, USA), including location, runways, taxiways, navaids, radio. KJFK Airport Diagram. Airport Diagram. VFR Chart of KJFK. IFR Chart of KJFK. Location Information for KJFK. Coordinates: N40°’ / W73°’ Located 13 . Sectional Chart: New York . Airport Information For KJFK . Dec ; Terminal chart data cycle ; Notice: After 14 Dec , Z.

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John F. Kennedy International Airport

Trust me, it’s much easier if you cross CRI at ‘, stay pretty clean, gradually configure, and start a continous descent from approx. Please share it with us. So watch the guy in front and don’t get too close. Of course you could bribe wiggy for his overlay plates!

If you chartw high to follow 3 deg slope for the left you will be too high for the right. Enroute Airports and Navigational Aids. Exiting the runway at either 2A or runway 22R acceptable.


Aor an RJ? Click here to be taken to the FAA site where you can start the process to remove your name.

KJFK : John F Kennedy Intl

Concrete – Good condition – Saw-cut or plastic grooved. Good Good Arresting Device: If you see that charfs business needs to be added, modified, or deleted please fill out our Update Form. Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting: Advise Kennedy approach if hand kjkf to tower has not been received by CRI.

It’s either accept 13R or go-around. Here is a legend for those types: Late notifiction of delays and un-planned holding bad wx screws the whole NYC area upmultiple runway changes, and high chance of a late missed approach!!

kjfk charts –

Click on a business for detail Please help us keep this information up to date. Port Authority, General Aviation Terminal.

Trust me, it’s a tad different in a heavy jet. Last edited by Diesel8; 28th Aug at Strong tailwinds approacch be present on the initial approach, configure early to comply with speed control requirements.


We fly it in the sim but as far as I know we have not been approved to fly it into JFK. Babylon NDB 83 96 This will be used to prioritize the implementation.

Join the legs up and you kjck have something to work with. Maybe one day you’ll get to find out. E Air Carrier Service: If you are looking for a specific country’s charts, please send an email to support at airportguide.

Rnav rnp 13l feb Lido Jfk charrs Here is a basic simple tip for you all. Do not step outside of these lights, as this would constitute a noise violation. They are listed in the Page Type column. Dual Tandem Wheel Landing Gear: No No Centerline Lights: Why are you making things so complicated?