Feb 14, In Kabuliwala by Rabindranath Tagore we have the theme of connection, love, escape, trust, friendship, sadness and charity. Taken from his. Short Story Summary “Kabuliwala” by Tagore is a tale of heart-rending friendship between a 5-year-old Bengali girl Minnie and an Afghan moneylender, Abdur. Feb 16, One morning Mini saw a Kabuliwala through her window and called out to him. He was a tall, untidily dressed man with a turban on his head.

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They joke about beating in-laws.

Kabuliwala by Rabindranath Tagore

This was so beautifully worded. A poster of the film “Kabuliwala” However, at first she is scared of him because she has heard rumours that he carries kidnapped children in his sack which he carries hanged over his shoulder.

Though I generally avoid translated books, I really liked the short stories. He started calling Minnie as Khuki kabupiwala child.

One the rare prescribed stories in school that I liked. The talkative and innocent Mini and Rahamat, a hawker of dry fruits from Kabul, are the central characters of the story. The end kind of made me sad, I would love for him to return and find his daughter and made new memories with her.

Books by Rabindranath Tagore. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Facebook Twitter Email Print. I would need to read the story again to answer your question. Kabuliwala was taken aback to see a girl he could not recognize and struggled to cope with the reality of the time he lost while imprisoned. Years may have passed some not good things happen to him but still he didn’t forget about the little one.

This book is a collection of short stories by Tagore, who is one of the best authors of human emotion you can ever come across. The stories are just more insightful than anything else. Set in the hy twentieth century Kolkata, Kabuliwala delicately explores the bonds of friendship, affection and parting in the relationship between a middle-aged Pathan trader and a five year old Bengali girl. Around the same time I also came to know that the short story tsgore written A poster of the film “Kabuliwala” The life he had previously lived in Calcutta is no more.


What can I say about Rabindaranath Tagore? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It makes you restless, your heart skips at times like a watchful timid deer, at times an invisible needle pricks it causing a sweet pain, a pain you want to elude from but somehow enjoy it, when day dreaming is not an option but inadvertently becomes a need, a time when what you think and what you say are poles apart.

Hence we all are connected.


Kabuliwala obliged but while leaving offered some raisins for Minnie. Jun 28, Priyanka rated it it was amazing. These stories are the reason why the author was awarded Nobel Prize. After reading I can say that every person is like Kabuliwala finding a part of himself dream,love etc in others.

An Approach to ICSE English: Summary : The Kabuliwala Rabindranath Tagore

The story is of a Pashtun merchant from Kabul, who comes to Calcutta, India each year for selling dry-fruits and while living in India he becomes friends with a five-year-old girl Mini as she reminds him of his daughter who lives in Kabul. He knows that Rahman has a daughter and he knows that it is better for him to visit his daughter. Its evident that things haven’t changed much for women since then.


Mini was dressed and embellished as a bride but was too apprehensive to meet her long-forgotten friend. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

One morning Mini saw a Kabuliwala through her window and called out to him. Set in the rustic Kolkata villages, every story oozes with the innocence of that era, long gone, and the characters are only haunted by the silhouettes of their emotions. Overall an excellent read.

When Mini is called, Kabuliwala is surprised to see how much she has grown. I love anything that tells a story of a father and daughter.

Mini though at first afraid of Rahman gets to enjoy the time that she spends with him. In Kabuliwala by Rabindranath Tagore we have the theme of connection, love, escape, trust, friendship, sadness and charity. Early life Middle years Political views.

When the Kabuliwala saw Mini in her bridal dress, he was surprised to find a young woman he could not recognise.

Particularly when it comes to Rahman who has something that he can teach Mini. The Kabuliwala entertained Mini with stories of his motherland. Have you read these? Mini was embarrassed when she thought of their long-forgotten companionship and shied away. She also stopped paying Kabuliwala for his goods.

The way he blends pathos with the perspective of the character is way too good, he shows you the mindset of the person in a way that you get very sentimental about the person’s decisions and the ultimate fate they bring.