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ISO Acoustics – Attenuation of Sound During Propagation Outdoors – Part 1: Calculation of the Absorption of Sound by the Atmosphere. Purchase your copy of ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available. You can verify the calculator using some validation data taken from Table 1 of ISO , and calculate attenuation due to atmospheric absorption at a distance.

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According to ISO the accuracy of the calculated pure-tone attenuation coefficients for atmospheric absorption is estimated using the following table:.

Calculation of the absorption of sound by the atmosphere Status: Canadian Acts and Regulations. Materials technology is vital to industrial competitiveness and innovation across all sectors including healthcare and the environment.

NPL Acoustics: Calculation of absorption of sound by the atmosphere

Standard Number ISO ReactFast Find out about measuring reaction times and take the ReactFast challenge. We provide world-class research, calibrations, specialised measurement services and training for the dosimetry of ionising radiation in cancer therapy, diagnostics and industrial sterilisation for medicine and pharmaceutics. Please download Chrome or 96131 or view our browser tips.

Society for Protective Coatings.

Strategic Highway Research Program. A selection of posters for the classroom to support science and maths teaching at primary and secondary schools. Below we’ve io some of our sectors. Calculation of the absorption of sound by the atmosphere.

Classification system and qualification procedures for type testing of valves. It’s added to our professionalism and improved communication with our suppliers. NPL produces a wide range 9631-1 case studies highlighting our capability and the sectors we operate in.


NPL’s multidisciplinary team undertakes research in a number of disciplines across interconnect systems. This page links to general information about the world time system, atomic clocks and synchronising UK time.

Providing a focus for those working in the energy sector encompassing fossil fuels, nuclear and renewable energy technologies. Ios Detection The Quantum Detection team at NPL focuses on world-leading fundamental research that exploits quantum phenomena and explores new areas of measurement science that could revolutionise modern metrology. No warranty or guarantee applies to this software, and therefore any users should satisfy themselves that it meets their requirements.

Acoustics — Attenuation of sound during propagation outdoors — Part 1: Biotechnology NPL’s Biotechnology Group specialises in the measurement of biomolecules and the study of their interactions in solution, at interfaces and inside cells.

Calculation of absorption of sound by the atmosphere

Our factsheets are designed as a quick introduction to a subject that you can read online or download. For people involved in the biotechnology and healthcare industries that have an interest in detection, characterisation and measurement.

Any comments or suggestions about this model please contact Richard Jackett. Acoustics NPL undertakes long-term, leading-edge research to develop new and improved measurement methods that will impact on UK future services and products. Ontario Statutes, Regulations, etc. Calculation of the absorption of sound by the atmosphere. American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

We aim to support industry with measurements of piezoelectric, thermoelectric, dielectric and magnetic material properties and 96131 our competitive advantage through active involvement in cutting-edge research. Engineered Materials The Engineered Materials group at NPL use a wide range of techniques to understand product performance and the relationship between a material’s properties and structure. Here you can find out more about the interesting things we do, science outreach activities you can get involved in or take a look at some of our educational resources.


Search all products by. Dimensional Metrology at NPL encompasses provision of national measurement standards for dimensional metrology using a variety of techniques. NPL’s commercial services are built on 913-1 of ios in accuracy, innovation and scientific research.

ISO 9613-1:1993

Science Lectures A series of lectures given by NPL scientists or external speakers designed to inspire and inform us about the amazing research done both at NPL and other 96113-1 worldwide. Home of the nation’s atomic 96131 scale, NPL is the focus for time and frequency measurements in the UK. For anyone with an interest in measurement. International Classification for Standards. Simply use the plus buttons to learn more about a product or service.

Attenuation of sound during propagation outdoors General method of calculation. Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories. For pure-tones the standard specifies the attenuation coefficient 99613-1 a function of frequency, temperature, humidity and pressure. The Composites and Polymeric Materials Group use a broad range of measurement technology to understand material behaviour, supporting businesses of all sizes.

Scalable device for quantum information processing.