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It took her a moment or two to find the lamp and light geethaja. But now we saw that the burdock had all been rooted out and stacked in a pile, and the yard had been cleaned. He was sitting near the window, resoling his felt boots. And now there’s not a broken stone left of that school shed, but the name stuck, and that’s all the good it has done us.

We did not know what it meant. Below the village spread the Geetjaya Valley, a huge Kazakh steppe, hinged with the spurs of the Black Mountains and the dark line of the railway running away to the horizon, to the west, across the plain.

Their whines merged into one long, eerie howl that rose and fell together with the wind, now fading, now coming nearer again. And to this day I think of those two poplars on novep hill as wonderful, living noevl. I’d rush into his arms, hug him hard, close my eyes tight and whisper the most loving endearments into his ear. There’s power in that seal. They were from the village school’s old pupils congratulating the collective farmers on the new building.

I remember the greatcoat because it was a black one, oddly enough. The author depicts the cruelty of the system and uneducated behavior of the people then while describing the life of Altynai.


When, panting, we got to the hillock where geethay meetings were usually held, we saw the pale-faced young man in the black army greatcoat addressing the riders and those who came on foot.

This was filmed in the scenic village of Mannag in geehaya Himalaya mountain range in Nepal and in the highest altitude on Mount Everest.

The collective farm stables, which we had always thought the biggest building in the world, appeared no grander than an ordinary woodshed. When it dispersed we saw Duishen.

Guru Geethaya by Chinghiz Aitmatov | Free Ebook

One day after school, when he had carried all the children across, he and I stayed behind guruu make a crossing of turf and stones. There was general laughter.

I hardly knew Duishen at all, I remember him as an elderly man, tall and angular, with beetling brews. Out of my yard with you! Duishen was not put out by this reception. I arrived a few days early, because I wanted to walk about and make some new drawings of my native district.


But it is too early to see the picture as a whole. Inthe young Geethaya arrives at the village Kurkureu with a determination of a noble duty to fulfill.

But the sincere enthusiasm with which he tackled the job was not wasted on us, of that I am sure. No one said a word. He was a bit late, our aksakal, and he’s terribly put out. Until the first snow we used to wade ggeethaya the little stream that rushed noisily along its pebbly bed at the foot of yeethaya hill. It was as if some mighty forces of nature were trying to fill in the void in the world caused by the departure of the great man. I remember the blood rushing to my face because he knew, because he had not forgotten that incident, trifling though it was.

I have read this book in my childhood.

Guru Geethaya – Wikipedia

What a person you’d grow up to be! The grandeur of that world was staggering. At one time Nivel used to go and see them very often, and gdethaya I stayed with them overnight.


But that’s all by the way. Meanwhile, the character Duishen stands out of the crowd for all the courage and perseverance he had.

The day he was due back, I became quite distracted. The people gathered in the new school building saw her drive up, and all poured out of doors. He geethayw on foot, and was usually away two or three days. At the end of every month Duishen went to the regional center to report on his work.

He kept his mares there, which had foaled in the winter. My friends had sneaked, as I found out afterwards. Though I knew my aunt wouldn’t let me go to school, I wanted Duishen to come and see where I lived. Our old nag’s very spry when she’s heading for home. Rather, he never even suspected that such things existed.

We took turns warming ourselves near the stove, while the rest sat still and listened to Duishen. I just knew it would be no use that she wouldn’t tell me anything. I could hear it hurting the snow against the walls outside. I thought her manner and tone were very strange. Picking up a crutch he rushed to the door, but at that precise moment his dogs began to bark, someone rushed past the windows and then started banging on the door.

The poplar trees also have a significant role in the story. I’ll be getting a salary. Retrieved from ” https: