Transhuman Space is, to a significant extent, the setting which defined the ideas about future technology which are used in GURPS 4e, so for. GURPS Ultra-Tech is a sourcebook for GURPS. Contents. 1 Contents; 2 Publication history which Steve Jackson Games published in A new GURPS Ultra-Tech () was one of the tech books published for GURPS 4e GURPS Space is a genre toolkit for creating Science Fiction campaigns using the GURPS Those topics will be covered by the forthcoming books GURPS Vehicles (4e) and GURPS Ultra-Tech (4e) respectively. The rationale for this decision.

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Military types would probably call it a C-PAW, charged particle accelerator weapon, though, and everyone else would doubtless call it a lightning gun.

So around about or so, China or India or the EU or the US finally wore out furps the old weapons mostly based on ss calibers and switched to a new range of standard caseless or cased telescoped ammo. This gives plenty of time for interstellar empires to be established without technology changing humanity beyond recognition, and pushes the development of TL12 civilization into the very far future. But no doubt there’s a lot of variety in cybershell features.

GURPS Ultra-Tech

The TL9 thing perhaps needs a limitation to reflect the idea that it can’t handle as full a range of sensory data as the TL10 model. Maybe the future will not have nuke power every where. Unfortunately, all my operatives are a little busy. Or maybe just much more organised in their thoughts than me.

There is no TL13; science catalogs what exists rather than explaining it. I’d prefer 4 keep anything with the name “blaster” out of TS games, but this charged particle beam could actually be a simpler version apart from the scaling down of the neutral particle beams already used on TS spacecraft.

Unkind GMs can declare that there ulrtatech still occasional problems with life-threatening allergic reactions and dosage control, especially in the case of cheap black-market versions. And I wished super-science was treated more generally, instead of having specific numbers. However, a lot of this is down to the general inferiority of lasers and high-density power storage in the TS ultratec, so one can link this “inferiority” to one or two not-unreasonable assumptions about the future technology.



Gursp Times deliberately imported the draft Ultra-Tech rules for this to replace the 3rd edition treatment, partly because the new treatment looked far better. In this case, TS often seems to set prices lower, though it doesn’t, say, automatically include magnification capability in its high-tech optics. The opposite is also true; with a little work, most game worlds can be converted to GURPSusually with an increase in gudps and flexibility.

Perhaps the most significant developments are in bioscience.

The notes on Mars-type terraforming would seem to implicitly admit that the schedule of the TS Martian project is Visit us on the World Wide Web at www. Is this really hard SF?

See also Changing Times for 4e versions of the old book’s designs. I set that at Complexity 1, assuming that it really only handles security protocols, and that system stability and suchlike are dealt with by dedicated ggurps Ultra-Tech assumes that a drone needs something of Complexity 3, apparently looking ultdatech its body a bit more. Comfortable climate-controlled suits can protect the entire body, and space suits become lightweight vacc suits. Okay, we now have official 4e rules for these.

In fact, the thing that jumps out here is that the nominally TL10 Transhuman Space setting is, by Ultra-Tech standards, rather retarded in weaponry, being seemingly TL9 in most parts. Archived from the original on The most advanced TL11 products tinker with the subatomic structure of matter to create exotic materials. Originally Posted by weby And the costs compared to the space ships books are just silly A space fighter is 3 million, a small ton tramp freighter is 26 million, a tilt rotor transport plane is 40 million.

Depending on its stability, this may be used as a catalyst for fusion reactions resulting in more compact power plantsor as a component in computer hardware, armor, and other equipment. I’d probably say pick one or the other to avoid confusion, but it wouldn’t kill a game to use both sets of rules.

Matter transmission can teleport people from place to place, as long as there is hardware to send and receive. Most tasks that could use it would be at least as well handled by either an AI or a human with an implant interface. More Songs About Buildings and Food; more stuff that’s good for establishing the look of the scenery for TS games, and more basic gear for many adventures Micro-mechanical electromagnetic systems — tiny sensors ugrps actuators — drastically shrink many electronic and mechanical devices.


Swarmwear is no longer a standard type, but is a generic potential function of the Aerostat type. Canonical for TS, but with bandwidth problems; ultraatech. A vast array of powerful beam weapons are now available, including portable particle beams blasters and X-ray lasers.

The idea was that military forces are really conservative about their basic guns, but tend to upgrade the ammo.

Another important chapter – perhaps even more important than the one before, given that even the most pacifistic PCs may want protection, against less pacifistic NPCs or hostile environments or non-pacifistic PCs, for that matter. I forget most of them but some below: The Sensor Array type seems to have disappeared. Prices, weights, and skill modifiers are a little different to p. Making them equal to ten E cells bolted together, with a discount for the bulk purchase.

This Ultra-Tech text too was basically borrowed for Changing Timesand the numbers should again coincide. Encryption TS assumes stronger encryption as standard than Ultra-Tech. The Devourer Swarm has changed noticeably; I’m not sure that either version feels quite right as a representation of the effect described Hardware The prices and weights for computers in Ultra-Tech are a bit different to those in TS, and Ultra-Tech interpolates a new size class, the “personal computer”, in the list of names between “small” and “microframe”, as well as adding a new class on the top, the “megacomputer”.

I’d stick to smart drugs and brainbugs as the weird vices of the setting.