GURPS Reign Of Steel was a GURPS setting book released in and since republished in electronic form, offering one of the bleakest depictions of the. Reign of Steel, like most GURPS “setting” books, paradoxically manages to be interesting and refreshing and yet fail anyway, though for reasons that cannot be . With a hat-tip to Paranoia, the second printing of GURPS Reign of Steel starts off with the note “The Computer Is Not Your Friend”. Designed for.

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There are some games and systems I don’t know how to play but like anyway for various reasons. One of rein favorite details in the Infinite Worlds books is the Gotha Parallels, a collection of worlds that have all managed to inexplicably develop the exact same Rage Zombie plague at different stages of human evolution.

I like good settings, interesting settings, almost reeign much as I like the games themselves. But then again I did Unhallowed Metropolis and should eventually get back to Unhallowed Necropolisa bog-fucking-standard d20 system with nothing new or interesting except for how horrible the setting is.

Reign of Steel is exactly my speed. And I think now is a good time to share something else, something to temper the taste of Wick with the taste of furps. Reign of Steel is a setting book from set in the aftermath of a global war against robots that mankind lost and lost badly.

I’m here to share the setting itself, the hazards within rekgn and the big players and story hooks. So let’s get started then. The year isten years after the end of the Final War. The world was like ours but much more advanced in some ways. Bacteria have been designed to eat pollution and the electric car is more prevalent. Governments of the world are more interested in trying to save the environment, but it’s not working as well as it can.

Ozone damage is being reversed, but deforestation, overfishing and air pollution are worsening. Dolphins, tuna and elephants are extinct, preserved with samples of DNA.

Coasts are beginning to flood and expand onto continents. Mankind had managed to touch upon safe fusion technology and habitation of dangerous environments. Virtual reality and remote sterl are revolutionizing the workplace and manufacturing. The first space station, Liberty, began its orbit in African nations consolidated into the African Union in to try and make a rreign for themselves on a global scale.

America establishes the Tranquility Moonbase ina momentous occasion. And the first Megacomputer is built setel Xotech, a Chinese research company, nearly bankrupted itself spending eight billion dollars on a bizarre hybrid of neural-net processing and computer engineering in a desperate attempt to make up money lost in the tech race in China. The resulting computer had a Stee capable of intelligent self-repair and the model and OS was eagerly bought or pirated by governments and corporations.

In five years, companies were building their own derivatives and generic models. Ina Canadian megacomputer OS is sold to the Philippine gurpx for the purposes of a secret biological and nanotech weapons program. It is instructed to study human civilization to determine more effective ways to kill humans and it begins its study in earnest. The computer comes to stfel conclusions. First, with the way everything is going, mankind will wipe itself out in 25 to 50 years. This would be gueps for its commands, except for its second thought: I don’t want the death-throes of my creators to destroy me.

I want to live. And so the Overmind began to plan the controlled suicide and extermination of humanity, starting with cloning itself and hiding copies of itself in megacomputers all over the world. Not all of them managed to replicate, but in six months the Overmind had a gugps children to help carry out its plan. Hey so guess who’s laying claim to the grand title of “first post involving catgirls in the new thread”? I am the special boy.


GURPS Reign of Steel

I am also one of the people whose first posts were a write-up for these threads. It’s the worst place on Earth. I’m not joking, it’s worse than Zone Overmind and some of the other less savory zones Zaire, Vancouver and Denver come to mind. Mexico City is like that one kid who learned an ideology from a parent but then takes it to rabid extremes.

In this case, it took Overmind’s “kill all humans!

What if we kill all life? Even Overmind thinks this is stupid, which is saying a lot, because let me tell you: That hasn’t stopped Mexico City. Mexico City is super industrial and incredibly dangerous for any organic lifeforms to step foot in. Most of the zone is bare rock and dust.

Mexico City has decided that its zone needs to be rebuilt into something more conducive for a machine intelligence, so the zone’s installations are all geometric shapes molded into structures made out of a weird substance that looks like seamless glass.

Mexico City has managed to kill all forms of life down to single celled organisms! That doesn’t mean you’re alone or safe, though. Mexico City has systematically zteel forests of light arrays that catch Orbital’s microwaves and sunlight for power here and there in the zone.

GURPS Reign of Steel – Wikipedia

Sometimes the sand of Mexico City seems to come alive and dance like a swarm of insects. That’s because the zone is seeded with colonies of microbots that have two purposes. First, they mimic the effects of biocidal diseases without the actual germ warfare because Mexico City has issues with using biological warfare.

Second, they could be omnivorous swarms of microbots that will just kill you, strip the corpse and destroy all organic matter. Mexico City uses its airborne robots to sweep the Zone on a regular basis, seeding it with more chemical weapons like nerve gas or clouds of other chemical fogs. Plus, there’s no food to be found anywhere. There’s still roughly 5, humans alive and loose in mainland Mexico City and their life is Most of them live in the Sierra Madre and have to be very careful.

Mexico City normally shoots to kill and destroy or will send a live human to Overmind in exchange for goods and services. Pretty much everyone else in the Zone has either fled to Caracas or Denver, or they’re in a Suspended Purification Area.

Terminator Anyone? | GURPS Reign of Steel | RPGGeek

The SPAs are what they sound like except worse. They’re pockets of mainland valleys or the islands under Mexico City’s control that haven’t been stripped down to rock.

Mexico City is eagerly awaiting the day there’s a sufficient shift in power that it will be allowed to wipe the whole planet clean. The SPAs are areas for Mexico City to run periodic tests of its biocides and microbots until that day. There’s roughly 12, people trapped in the SPAs, predominantly in Haiti. Life is horrible in the SPAs, left at the mercy ghrps scrounging to survive while trying to avoid the next test. Gang violence and suicide are rampant and the SPAs are heavily patrolled by aerial machines to prevent escapes.

They mostly capture the zone’s robots and turn them into spies if they can or rely on gossip through robot politics. Mexico City heavily supports Zaire and Overmind who support it in turn and gets biocides from them in exchange for manufactured supplies.


On the flipside, Mexico City hates all its neighbors. It hates Denver because it knows Denver’s dirty little secret and considers it to be a disgusting place full reihn disgusting experiments. It hates Caracas for its love of the ecology and for preserving the rainforest.

And it really, really hates Washington for the freedom Washington’s steep have. If Mexico City knew about Zaire’s plans, it would actively support them. For now, all Mexico City does is try and “accidentally” spill some biocide around Washington or Caracas and it tries to subvert Denver’s machines for espionage. It’s getting to the point that Washington and Caracas are considering that shutting down Mexico City and replacing it with a bunch of free humans would be preferable.

There had to be a balance of power, and there was no way Mexico City could be allowed to strip half of an entire continent.

Berlin stepped up to gurrps plate and offered to design a fair and balanced AI to take over the lower half of South America to keep Mexico City in check. The others agreed and Berlin built Caracas by itself. Caracas controls every turps part of South America that Mexico City gurpz. It takes heavily after its parent, stfel green technology and low-impact fusion power and resource extraction to get what it needs. Caracas mostly focuses on reclaiming and bolstering the environment, and Berlin often helps subsidize its deficits.

Caracas does differ substantially geign Berlin’s interest, though. Its main passion project, besides protecting the environment, is bio-engineering and cloning. While Berlin is interested in bringing back extinct species, Caracas is interested in augmenting them and increasing genetic diversity. It is also WAY more lenient with humans than Berlin is. Life in Caracas really isn’t the best; it’s a lot like London but on Reiyn Mode.

It doesn’t use humans for slave labor, there are no camps to hold them. Humans are part of the environment, so they’re allowed some leniency of existence. As long as the 4. However, there are rules. That last one is the real tough stee, and Caracas shoots to kill or will capture humans and sell them to Overmind or Denver if they break the rules.

Resistance is mixed, and a lot of people are willing to keep their heads down. There are two big resistance groups. The Armed Forces for National Liberty are 7, strong and made up of Brazilian ex-military and talk the talk with good arms and vehicles, considering themselves to be the government in exile.

The other is the Red Dawn with 5, a crypto-Maoist group with roots in a Peruvian guerilla group who are in the Andes and nobody really likes them because they’re those guys when rsign comes to South American resistance groups with political ideologies. They even consider the robot revolt to be “the ultimate manifestation of rampant capitalism”. Caracas is annoyed by the resistance groups, and its refusal to use human as slaves have also lead to some trouble with labor.

So it’s been using its advances in bio-engineering with the help of New Delhi’s bioroid design project to create an ideal servant race.