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Only SD condition in uak groups showed a significant increment of eosinophils number with respect to SS and stress conditions. The veterinary medicine degree program was recognized as an outstanding course by the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of RS. The duodenal villi in the no-infected groups were lined by normal simple columnar epithelia; however, the stress and SD groups showed a slightly increased number of eosinophils in the lamina propria, whereas an increased number of eosinophils was evident in the lamina propria in the three groups of infected rats.

Periglandular Eosinophils The morphology of the intestinal glands showed the same type of epithelium as the villi, although with a less abundant periglandular lamina propria continuous with the villus Fig.

Effect of REM sleep deprivation on gastric mucosa. Briefly, MCA is a multivariate data analytic technique that provides a simple and exhaustive analysis that allows for a detailed description of the data.

The photomicrographs obtained from the infected groups showed an incremented cellularity in the periglandular lamina propria at the expense of an increased cbw of eosinophils. Peptic ulcer is uwm among shift workers.

In tissue sections, the eosinophil bilobed nucleous was also observed, as in a blood smear, but depending of the cutting yuia. This observation becomes interesting since these two cbz types are closely related and induce a reciprocal recruiting. Additional Information How to cite this article: Consequently, we observed that the increment caused by SD conditions in the no-infected animals was attenuated by the infection with T.

A Representative photomicrographs of periglandular eosinophils in the lamina propria in the first portion of duodenum for the treatments, sleep sufficient SSstress, and sleep deprivation SDin no-infected upper pannel and infected lower pannelgroups, The square is a magnification of periglandular eosinophils ua.


UniRitter received the highest level of evaluation for university centers in the state of Rio Grande do Sul from both the Ministry of Education and Culture and Guia do Estudante. Duodenal Villi Mast Cells Gjia identification and quantification of mast cells was performed using Giemsa staining Fig. Although most research on sleep deprivation has been focused on its effect over the central nervous system and its functions, the dynamic changes in the IB and the innate mucosal immunity have not gained much attention despite the potential association of gastrointestinal disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome IBS and peptic buia, with sleep disorders 9 Sleep deprivation induces changes in immunity in Trichinella spiralis-infected rats.

Open in a separate window.

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SS solid barsstress shaded barsand SD open bars in no-infected and infected groups. Interestingly, in the duodenal mucous membrane, none population of cells in the infected groups responded equally to both conditions.

As for the analysis realized in the intestinal mucous membrane, we demonstrated that the conditions of deprivation of guiia SD and stress have a distinguishing modulating effect, which depends on the cellular type and on its location. Sleep 33— The square is a magnification of eosinophils arrow located in the lamina propria. This procedure is based on the occurrence of muscle atonia during REM sleep.

The IB is a regulatory interface enabling the selective exchange of nutrients, guoa, and water; the function of this barrier is assisted by both endocrine and immune components that modulates absorption and secretion, as well as the presence of pathogenic and commensal agents in the intestinal lumen Parasitology—, doi: Arrows indicate the increase or decrease in cell types located in intestinal villi or in intestinal glands.

Glands Goblet cells Goblet cells gui an intense pink color when fully loaded with granules or a slight pink shade, with a clear center, when the cells have secreted their content into the microenvironment Fig.

Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis (UniRitter)

Presumably, this could also explain the observed interaction between inflammation and eosinophilia in the injured gastric mucosa after SD. These cells were identified guis of villi and intestinal gland epithelium, confined to the vicinity of the fbs lamina. Innate immunity 1844—54, doi: In addition, the large platform allows the rats to reach REM sleep without falling into the water.


Primary care 32—, doi: The histological analysis corresponding to the infected SS and SD groups showed gia slight increment in the number of enteroendocrine cells Fig. B Quantification of mast cells for SS solid barsstress shaded barsand SD open bars conditions in no-infected uma infected groups C The differential effect of the infection in the number of villi mast cells in SS, stress, and SD observed in infected blue continuous lineusm with no-infected red discontinuous line groups.

Sleep deprivation Sleep deprivation was achieved using the island technique, slightly modified from the original reported by Jouvet et al. A Representative photomicrographs of mast cells in the villi in the first portion of duodenum for the groups of sleep sufficient SSstress, and sleep deprivation SD in no-infected upper pannel and infected lower pannel groups.

The photomicrographic analysis of the no-infected groups showed a homogeneous distribution of these cells in all the tested conditions, whereas the infected groups showed a clear increment in the number of these cells under SD.

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The infection blue continuous line produced a significant increment of goblet cells only in SS condition, compared to three conditions of no-infected groups. Periglandular Mast Cells The analyzed mast cells showed a typical morphology in the periglandular area, which is similar to amorphous and granular cells Fig.

A Representative photomicrographs of villi in the first portion of duodenum for the condition of sleep cb SSstress, and sleep deprivation SD in no-infected upper pannel and infected groups lower pannel.