One of such is the Gadaa system of the Oromo People. . Hallpike, C. R., “ Review: The Origins of the Borana Gada System,” Reviewed. Oromo elites, Abba Gadaa (father of Gadaa), historians most often say that it is The Gada system is largely practised by the Oromo people. Was it a system used through out Oromia or was it prevalent in one region of Oromia The Gada system spread with the migration and intermingle of the Oromo.

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The Europeans provided the Abysinian chieftains with then modern fire arms and military advisors that put the Oromo at a great ssytem. As a social institution, it functions as a mechanism of socialization, conflict resolution, judicial administration, religious expression and social harmony.

Abbaa muudaa deals with the Gadaa System and offices are hereditary. Active members implement all laws set by the passive members.

Ethiopia: Key Background Information On Gadaa System –

It serves as a mechanism for enforcing moral conduct, building social cohesion, and expressing forms of community culture. The symbol of authority is?

Women also take part in the assembly but do not deliberate – they arrive at the assembly last and leave first – last in first out! It was purely invented by the Oromo and it is one of the most remarkable political systems which was highly democratic with effective legislative and judicial institutions.

Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo

At syxtem years of the gada cycle i. Make public decisions i. Its Members are indigenous peoples, minorities, unrecognised States and occupied territories that have joined together to defend their political, social and cultural rights, to preserve their environments and to promote their right to self-determination. The Gada system is a class system that succeeds each other every eight years in assuming politico- military administration, economic management and other social activities. The following is a brief description of the Gada system extracted from the documentation submitted to the UNESCO with some editing for the sake brevity.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As a result, when the group enters systek Gada Grade Lubathey will have acquired all the necessary knowledge to handle the responsibility of administering the country and arranging and presiding at the celebration of rituals. Name of the element in the language and script of the community concerned: Consequently, the Gada class incorporates within its ranks people varying in ages.


lromo As Kallachaa represents Waaqaa God Systej represents earth. The Abbaa Gadaa head of the government in power presides over most of the general meetings. It was the central institution of the Oromo people that contains complex and extra-ordinary features.

Though the Gadaa system itself is no longer widely practiced, it remains influential in Oromo society at large. Consensus through dialogue – as discussed above, whoever asks for the chance to speak first is granted the ability and the deliberation does not come to a close until all ideas and voices have been heard. Gada functions as a system of cooperation, social integration, enforcement of moral conduct and principle of peaceful co-existence with other ethnic groups.

Oromoo they begin to grow a new hairstyle to represent their new status. When they reach Gada Grade Ysstem after sixteen years they become leaders of all the classes and the whole nation. The Yuba take part in Gada Assembly and indeed have some residual political power in the Assembly.

There is little to do with? AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa – aggregating, producing and distributing news and information items daily from over African news organizations and our own reporters to an African and global public. One of the roles of the Yuba semi-retired classes are that they are main protagonists in the election campaigns.

Abbaa Kallachaa and Haadha Caaccuu were identified from other member of the society by possessing the ritual objects of Kallachaa and Caaccuu to play pivotal role in socio-political and religious life of the Oromo society. The transition is marked by a formal power ssytem ceremony.

The classes are taught by oral historians covering history, laws, rituals, time reckoning, cosmology, myths, rules of conduct, and the function of the Gada system. The transition rituals by which the genealogical social group the sons passes from one grade to the next is performed every eight years during the life cycle. Are there any specific roles or categories of persons with special responsibilities?

However, the Gadaa had orommo the shortcomings and problems like that of the monarchial Oromo and monarchial non-Oromo Ethiopian systems of governance. He is president of the Gada Council established recently at Bishoftu to promote the Gada System, realize good governance and ensure peace and stability of the Oromo people.

Heads of each Cibra are called Abba Cibra. In the middle of the deliberations he intervenes to make sure that a topic is meant to be in the meeting gasa discussion rather yada debate. Their position is determined syystem the position of their sons. They may be required to serve as assistances unless Orkmo leaders announce him completely retired a man remain liable for political and social service of the nation.


In fact, many scholars have given various explanations of Gadaa System. Analysis sysfem Lessons Learned Time – among the Guji-Oromo the general assembly takes place once in every eight years and mostly for a week, just a week before power transfer. Major Oromo clans have established the centres of their Gada at several places based on their territorial settlement. All activities and life of each and every member of the Oromo was guided by an egalitarian socio- economic and political structure of the society called the Gada system.

Horn Affairs

Oromo horsemanship is a highly prized aspect of their culture and it had a great deal to do with their military success over the centuries. Every individual through age-set enjoys various right and takes obligation in the life of the society in his life time. Sustainable Peace for Ethiopia and Eritrea: AllAfrica publishes around reports a day from more than news organizations and over other institutions and individualsrepresenting a diversity of positions on every topic.

Still among various Oromo groups Qaalluu is believed to be the eldest son of Oromo and therefore given the title of father.

Rule of laws in Gadaa System governance in such a way that every individual must obey ‘Safuu’ moral values and ‘Seeraa’ law monitored by Qaalluu. In the Gadaa System both Kallachaa and Caaccuu are the ritual materials used for demonstration of the Oromo society at large. Its meaning varies from time to time. As to other scholars, the term Gadaa is oroml difficult to define precisely.

What social functions and cultural meanings does the Gada system have today for its community? Each class progresses through a series of grades before it can function in authority with the leadership changing on a rotational basis every eight years. As a governance System, Gada guides the life course of individuals and regulates political, economic, social and religious activities of the community.

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