EXTRA TERRITORIAL Books by George Steiner xtraterritorial Language and Silence Anno Domini The Death of Tragedy Tolstoy or. O 5 h-J stf 5 3 £ 2 2 5 q E O EXTRA- TERRITORIAL Books by George Steiner Extraterritorial Language and Silence Anno Domini The Death of. The Struggle Between Text and Land in Contemporary Jewry: Reflections on George Steiner’sOur Homeland, The Marmur – – History of.

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The contrasting branch of modernity that leads from Joyce and Proust to Nabokov and Borges is radical in its valuation of time and man but conservative in the formality and tight governance grorge its expressive means.

No therapist since Freud has met with any true ”Freudian cases”-i. The opposite is true of the proliferation extraterritorizl neighboring tongues. The Master forces an exchange of queens, and there surges up in my memory, with daemonic precision, the vision of the Yates-Lasker game in the seventeenth round of the World Championship in New York.

It may be that the trills and whistles of birds convey rudimentary meaning.

The row of tables at Rossolimo’s chess georte in Greenwich Village or under the greasy ceiling of a hotel lounge in the town of X Cincinnati, Innsbruck, Lima. Find it on Scholar. Dagerman rated it liked it Extraterritorisl 02, Ostrovsky rightly points out, by the fact that Celine’s postwar fiction is difficult to obtain and by the more obvious fact that most of his political writings were pulped after the liberation of France.

Undoubtedly, these are masters, but of a tangential kind. It constitutes the sort of “physical signal,” or phonetic articulation, to which we can perfectly well apply the traditional syntax we have learned in school: The development of specific information codes, of signal- systems through which emitter and receiver could formu- late and exchange messages of identity, need, and sexual correlation, cannot be much younger.

The notion that there is a deep affinity is not novel. Our schooling puts an ever diminishing stress on verbal remembrance.

Like the diamond-cutter, the philosopher-linguist is a craftsman whose tools are made of the same substance as that which he works on. Rebatet col- laborated actively with the Nazis. Beckett’s si- lences, his wry assumption that a rose may indeed be a rose but that only a fool would take so scandalous a proposition for granted or feel confident of translating it into art, are akin to monochrome canvases, Warhol statics, and silent music. The articulation of this threefold relationship and the great fugue of erotic fulfillment with which the novel draws to its close are major acts of the imagination.


The spontaneous, innovative use of language somehow defines man. The writer is a special master of the language. To view it, click here.

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I see the whole scene before me in mocking clarity. Playing one game a minute and never repeating it, the entire population of the globe would need two hundred extraterritorkal sixteen billion years to exhaust all conceivable ways of playing geoege first ten exhraterritorial of Nabokov’s Mr.

Almost every phenomenon can be “read” and classed as a statement. Much of the best that we have known of man, much of that which relates the human to the humane- and our future turns on that equation-has been immediately related to the miracle of speech. The message, set in a kabbalistic code, written, as it were, in invisible ink, extrateritorial, with the proud casualness of deep modesty, into the most fragile of bottles, has crossed the seven seas there are, of course, many more in the Borges atlas, but they are always multiples of sevento reach every kind of shore.

Alfieri’s memoirs tell of his long struggle to acquire natural authority in Italian. In him the energies of idiomatic usage, of etymo- logical implication, declare themselves with obvious force. After man, there will not be silence.

We shall not see again leviathans of print that declare themselves systematic and demonstrative of truth by mere rhetorical fiat. There are more possible variants in a game at chess than, it is calculated, there are atoms in this sprawling universe of ours. VII As we noted, the “language-revolution” arose from an urgent sense of linguistic crisis.

In 1 94 1John Crowe Ransom advertised: Non-linguistic codes have a far longer history than man. A precise understanding and predictive theory of human speech would, therefore, involve little more than a refinement of those techniques of stimulus, reinforced stimulus, and conditioned response that enable us to teach a rat to press a certain spring in order to reach its reward of food.


There is no evidence to suggest that Gauss’s behavior when he was a young boy, his fluency or emotional coherence, in any way exceeded that of other little boys; he was an adult, and more than a normal adult, solely in respect of numeri- cal and geometric insights.

Extraterritorial: papers on literature and the language revolution – George Steiner – Google Books

The naked savagery of his gift suddenly appalls him: Yet this sense of strangeness is more recent than extraterritorlal might think. This is the source of their witchery. As slight as if they’d never lived in the sun And free from any trafficking with art, They form an indecipherable part Of time, of earth, and of oblivion.

Andrzej rated it really liked it Sep 25, My feet tread the shadows of the lances that spar for the kill. If no such mechanism were operative, each new verbal situation-say, “I cut this loaf,” “this loaf is cut by me”-would offer intractable dilemmas and demand a new, specific act of learning.


What do they say? Alex Leskanich rated it really liked it Mar 01, At the outset, in the penumbra of diffuse, threatened identity, speech was probably focused inward; man declared himself only to himself.

All literature-oral or written, lyric or prosaic, archaic stdiner modern-is language in a condition of special use. He’s soft under my legs To unspeak the actual past, to eradicate the names, acts, thoughts of the unwanted dead, is a tyranny of peculiar horror. All the dead voices.

Hockett’s way of putting this decisive point is arduous but unmistakable: Like other writers whose sight has failed, Borges moves with a cat’s assurance through the sound-world of many tongues. The laser may cut deep, but its focus is absurdly narrow and its insights are, in the last analysis, no better than formal. I have not until now used the word language. Even among men, the lines of imaginative force in a Borges fiction are stringently simplified.

Extraterrritorial Rafael himself once dreamed of becoming a ranking chess player.