Daaku: The Gangster’s Life picks up the story of Indo–Canadian gangster Ruby Pandher, the hero of Ranj Dhaliwal’s bestseller Daaku, as he recovers from a. Daaku: The Gangster’s Life picks up the story of Indo-Canadian gangster Ruby Pandher, the hero of Ranj Dhaliwal’s bestseller Daaku, as he recovers from a. The Daaku referred to in Ranj Dhaliwal’s book is Ruby Pandher, an Indo- Canadian gangster. We meet Ruby when he is 7 years old or.

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Sometimes when I need some information, they have no problem doing that for me.

I am going to be checking it out just now. However, I would advise people who get offended easily to take caution when reading as this story is very explicit with violence and sexuality. Dhaliwal is now writing the third part of the Daaku saga as well as a fourth book. My first guess as to why a young boy would join a life of crime is that it may look like the best way to make money in a situation where socially acceptable ways are out of reach.

Yet, people who have read your books say it all sounds very authentic.

Daaku: The Gangster’s Life

I dabbled in that lifestyle a little bit, but around the age of 22, I had seen too many people dying, tanj I decided this is not for me. Return to Book Page. And I got further and further into it as I read more.

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I’m the one always holding the camera.

And they end up meeting people who are eventually going to lead them into gangsterism and criminal activities. More books by Ranj Dhaliwal.

The weak writing is enough to ‘turn-off’ anyone who enjoys reading. But in the gurdwara, there is safety. Finally, are you a hip-hop fan?

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Thanks, Gautami or else, I can bring you my copy when I come to India next, but who knows when that will be.

We could use that approach in other communities. When I started writing, it was off and on. They were targeting each other because they wanted to show others that they were more powerful than those they targeted.

Apparently, growing up in Surrey home to the largest population of East Indians in Vancouver Ranj Dhaliwal was exposed to the Indo-Canadian underworld and saw many young men joining gangs and losing their lives in the process In the past 10 years in Greater Vancouver, atleast 60 men have died in an Indo-Canadian gang war over drugs, money and women. I took it as a kind of general experience and turned it into a new story in my book. Ranj Dhaliwal was raised in Surrey, British Columbia.


Thanks for posting your review. Otherwise, I think you are wasting danj time. And then I took typing lessons. Notify me of new posts by email. Or do you believe in providing people the choice? You hate Ruby’s attitude to life, his blatant disregard for the law and for human life. People are still buying the two books.

Ranj Dhaliwal – Wikipedia

We started talking to other people to put a slate together to contest the gurdwara elections. But fortunately with the right support and opportunities out of the gang world Dasku was able to resist the temptation. Anoop Sidhu rated it it was amazing Jan 07, I agree, it would be a hard read with the horrible violence. Dhaliwal was praised as an important community leader by the Walrus magazine in his bid to gain control of a controversial Sikh temple in Surrey, BC daakku was involved in a violent and bloody clash between fundamentalists and moderates over edicts from the head priest of Sikhs.

Of silk saris and mini-skirts: Pick up the phone and call the school, dqaku how your kid is doing. We won that election. And the children are sitting at home.