I recalled that there was a ‘setting’ in d20 Future known as Mecha Crusade which was basically the premise of every Gundam show so far and. Chapter 1: Introduction. “Mecha” is the term used by Japanese animators and fans to refer to the mechanical designs that appear in Japanese animation. Documents Similar To Mecha Crusade. Mekton Zeta – Starblade Uploaded by. Tatsumaki91 ¬∑ D20 Modern – Complete Pulp Heroes [Sourcebook].

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Whenever a character spends one action point, the character receives a small boost in his or her skill crusde, ability checks, level checks, or saving throws. This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat May 5 ’14, 9: Has anyone home-brewed up weapons or mechas from it?

Christopher PerkinsRodney ThompsonJ. I keep running into people endorsing this mini-game on these boards. Polyhedron also known as Dungeon contained a d20 Modern “update” of the Pulp Heroes mini-game. X systems are very particular in their workings in ways that don’t really help you play mecha.

Learn More I supported because‚Ķ “this community is the very best! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Mecha Crusade: Any support?

Reset Fields Log in. This supplement contains rules which expand on various weaponry and gadgets from d20 Future. Please improve this by adding secondary or mevha sources. That’s my two cents.


Every time you fire your laser cannon, a cascade of six-sided dice will hit the gaming table. No Web Links Found.

d20 Modern – Wikipedia

This page does not exist. It is a world where monsters and magic exist, yet the human psyche just cannot fathom them and covers up all supernatural events. For example, an ogre would appear to the average person as a very burly man. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! Is there anymore official content for it? The six basic classes are: The setting allows one to play games that take place during the famous Pulp Era of literature, filled with ancient dinosaurspower-hungry gangstersvengeful vigilantesamazing superheroesevil Nazisbizarre inventionsmystical psionicshard-boiled detectivestrained martial artistscurious explorerseldritch aliensand various other fantastic people, places, and things.

Rodney ThompsonJ. Difficult to take down and can resist most sicknesses.

d20 Future

May 6 ’14, 1: Monday, 17th February, All you do is select what you want and tally up the mecha points, which can be converted into GP treasure items or cost, sci-fi Credit item or cost, d20 Modern wealth system, etc. In d20 Modern each character is referred to as a hero. Haven’t got that far. How can I get my hands on a copy?

I’m considering picking up the DreamPod9 Mecha Compendium for some more example vehicles at various power levels. Am I being silly and misinterpreting what appears on their website? You’ll fly faster than a jet fighter. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, For what it’s worth, the post didn’t come across as abrupt to me. It’s not even the best 3.


Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Monday, 3rd March, They have their own set of skills, feats, talents, saves, hit dice, wealth bonus, and so on.

The time now is On a plus note, in such a game – in my opinion – it’d be quite possible to have different characters, it’s not like everyone needs to be a mecha jockey!

I love the idea of controlling a giant mecha about as much as I do being an epic wizard and I would desperately love to see that people have supported this paragon of geekery. In later levels, the player may choose to multiclass their hero. Most people are not interested in it either, by the looks of it.