Efecto del Cultivo e Incorporacion de Tagetes erecta L. Sobre la Poblacion e Infeccion de Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White) Chitwood en Chile ( Capsicum. Start Page: All titles: ” Cultivo del marigold: efecto en el control de nematodos “. ” Effect of nematode control when growing marigolds [Tagetes erecta, Chile]. Establecimiento de métodos de propagación para el cultivo de especies vegetales . The genus Tagetes is native to the New World and the species T. erecta.

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Very low percentages of similarity were observed between phytophagous and entomophagous on onion compared to marigold Table 2.

The tagete of cuttings of L.

Establishment of propagation methods for growing promising aromatic plant species of the Lippia Edecta and Tagetes Asteraceae genera in Colombia. For the Lippia genus, in vitro micropropagation protocols have been reported that manage the production of plants with chemical profiles identical to plants normally propagated Gupta et al.

This is due to a higher number of T. However, the efficacy of such plant extracts has not been proved yet, and it was observed that they do negatively affect natural enemies.

The dee F1 showed to smallest plant height, although the plant height doesn’t have influences on the total weight of flowers This same culyivo also presented the largest diameter medium of flower 70,66mm.

Along the borders of this path, on both sides, there was a 50 m long and 0.

Cultivo del marigold: efecto en el control de nematodos

Mixtures of coal ash and compost as substrates for high bush blueberry. The combination of substrates FCFCSRS may generate a greater retention of moisture, favoring the emission of roots in the cuttings but not the weight of the roots dry weight formed per cutting. Aeolothripidaewhich were twice as abundant in onion plants near the marigold strip. The specie Tagetes erecta, commonly known as marigold, it is native of Mexico. The higher diversity index was observed in marigold during full bloom H’, Table 1when the predator Orius insidiosus was most abundant, as well as herbivore Aphis fabae Scopoli Hemiptera: Repellent activity of essential oils from seven aromatic plants grown in Colombia against Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky Coleoptera.


The treatments consisted of three hybrid varieties and two varieties of open pollination, constituting the plots, in four planting densities 0,10m; 0. This study was set in a particular situation and therefore the data would probably not fit the expectations of other people working on organic agriculture in other conditions.

Marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) as an attractive crop to natural enemies in onion fields

Similar tests should be performed to identify this possibility in relation to T. The establishment of propagation and micropropagation techniques for aromatic species that show promise as potential new crops is important in order to ensure rapid reproduction to provide enough material for the high demand that can be generated in a production chain.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota. Four plant essential oils to repeal T. Horticultura Brasileirav.

Seedlings, compost and biofertilizer were produced at the farm, and an irrigation system was used. Las semillas de T. According to Sampaio et al. In general, there was high similarity for phythophagous For natural enemies these values are low Literature cited Acosta de la Luz, L.

After the sampling the collection curve reaches the asymptotic position, indicating that no new species were collected from this point on. An analysis of variance ANOVA and multiple comparison tests to evaluate differences between the effects of the treatments were used. A study for the development of a handbook of selected Caribbean herbs for industry.

Organic onion farming is expected to increase in the state due to the increasing demand. Hence, we found higher diversity of both phytophagous and entomophagous species on onion plants close to marigold rows, but increased herbivore abundance and decreased natural enemy abundance on onion plants at greater distances from marigold. Concluded that as smaller the number of flowers, larger it individual weight, with larger consequent production of petals for flower. Based on previous observations on the yield and composition of essential oils dr bioactivity tests on plant pathogens unpublished tsgetesfive accessions of the four species under study ereecta selected, namely, L.


That was expected since the main herbivore species, T. Ediciones Mundi Prensa, Madrid. Black and Zimmerman proposed that inorganic substrates with coal slag could be tagetss for rooting cuttings.

These curves may indicate whether sampling was regular and enough to potentially collect all species that may be present in the crop for the whole experimental period, independently of ciltivo sampling week. In general, this species registered the highest values for root length, number of roots and root dry weight among all the species analyzed and in the FCF substrate Tab.

Such arrangement allowed the collection of onion samples at varying distances from marigold plants. It is interesting to see that the accession CA of L.

Syrphidae populations in relation to different plant species in rows surrounding the onion field, observed no population decrease of the pest species. The cuttings were immersed for 5 min in liquid solution at different concentrations of the hormone indolebutyric acid IBA and were subsequently planted in germination trays with 24 wells, with dimensions of 5.