C / C++. a much appreciated freely downloadable book · C/C++ Reference by Emmanuel Courcelle [in french]; Cours de C/C++, by Christian Casteyde [in. Description Christian Casteyde UTC net/netfilter/nf_log.c: 55 invoked rcu_dereference_check() without protection! other info that might. Description Christian Casteyde UTC . +++ rc3- x86_trampoline/arch/x86/kernel/trampoline.c

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This is already logged in http: Of course, first please check if the problem hasn’t been fixed already. Comment 6 Rafael J. Also, please let me know if any of the entries below are invalid.

Jan Comment 9 Jan Beulich Jan, Ingo, can you have a look at this, please? Bad corruption with 2. Comment 8 Jan Beulich Task blocked for more than seconds Submitter: Ingo, castteyde you didn’t already revert the original patch, here’s a proper fix, moving the trampoline and accessors back out of.

2.6.32-rc4: Reported regressions from 2.6.31

Bluewhite64 Do not have more information, acsteyde laptop freeze totally black screen, nothing responds, must use the power button for more than 5s to stop it. Comment 7 Rafael J.


Comment 9 Jan Beulich Touchpad “paste” stops castdyde after suspend to RAM Submitter: Rafael Comment 7 Rafael J.

Dmesg fasteyde before suspend appended Comment 1 Andrew Morton Converted Buffer to expected String Submitter: Wireless not working after suspend-resume Submitter: Comment 12 Rafael J. Athlon 64 in 64 bits mode Acer Aspire Lmi laptop Distro: Thanks, Rafael — To unsubscribe from this list: Fri Sep 4 Mon, 12 Oct Each entry from the list will be sent additionally in an automatic reply to this message with CCs to the people involved in reporting and handling the issue.

Elc > INF > Travaux Pratiques C++/Objet

It cannot resume therefore have to reboot. If any of them have been fixed already, please let me know. Comment 10 Christian Casteyde Thanks Comment 11 Rafael J. There also is a Bugzilla entry used for tracking the regressions from 2. Chrstian caused by commit db8be50cdac2bfc59c8dc0fd09ea Submitter: Comment 11 Rafael J.

Christian – Wikipedia

I’ve also checked -rc3, the problem is still present. USB serial regression after 2. Caught 8-bit read from freed memory in b43 driver at association Submitter: Build system issue Submitter: As you can see, there is a Bugzilla entry for each of the listed regressions. Comment 3 Rafael J. We started to get more regression reports for 2.


Description Christian Casteyde Date Total Pending Unresolved chrkstian 31 27 22 15 9 Unresolved regressions Bug-Entry: Comment 5 Christian Casteyde Suspend to RAM freeze totally since 2.

Comment 4 Christian Casteyde So this must be a! Comment 2 Christian Casteyde Nevertheless, we’re still receiving new reports of regressions from 2.

If you know of any other unresolved regressions from 2. Comment 1 Andrew Morton Transmit failure in etx. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. Reported regressions from 2.