CFRB Radio. page Hubbard, Ron, scientologist. Dynamic Principle. Bridge Publication Incorporated. page Macpherson, C. B. Rules for the Rulers . Before CFRB came on the air in Toronto on February 19, , radio stations Sales manager Patrick Hurley left for CJCL to become general. After his early retirement from CFRB in , he continued to contribute “The Way I See It” to the station’s programming until Bob was a contributing editor.

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Bob was a regular on CFRB for over 30 years, with his own feature newscasts. A diesel generator could handle the total building load for 72 hours in the event of a power failure. On February 14, Ed Needham left. Thornton Cran died in June.

Gwyn ‘Jocko’ Thomas passed away at age At this time, CFRB was offering 29 newscasts a day, cfr of approximately minutes of news, weather, sports and traffic, supplemented by three news cars 19888 one jet helicopter.

He participated in the work on the new transmitter building earlier in the year. Dan Gallagher joined for Saturday afternoons. He was probably a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, though his sons say he was such a consummate professional that you would never know it judging from his call-’em-as-I-see-’em reports.


CFMZ-FM – Wikipedia

Shortly afterwards, Hewat began doing intermission interviews at Leafs and Marlies games and eventually became the colour man on Leafs radio broadcasts. He’d been with the operation, through three owners, for 45 years beginning with CFRB in Evening program changes as of September 7: Jerry Agar succeeded Bill Carroll in the 9 a. He joined the station in after service with the RCAF.

Former Ontario Conservative leader John Tory would move from a weekend shift to afternoon drive From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Program line-up as of January After Gordon Sinclair died inBob Hesketh took over the Williams remembered him as a friend and old-school mentor who shaped him professionally.

It was the longest-running syndicated show in private Canadian broadcasting. The aircraft warning lights on the new towers, using the LED design, were the first to be authorized in Canada. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ryan Doyle would remain in the p. On November 1, Wally Crouter started a 50 year stint on the station. Featured personalities on all topical subjects. CFRB were found in his safe.


Mark Bunting joined for sports. Some of the staff at this time: Over the years, CFRB had originated coast-to-coast hockey broadcasts and employed the first pack transmitter that an announcer could strap on and broadcast a play-by-play account of a golf tournament.

On November 2nd, the C.

John Stall was now on the air from For 50 years, he was the top-rated morning man in Toronto, talking to a CFRB audience that, at the time, was numbered in the hundreds of thousands. InBob applied for and won a job as a junior in the 19888 department where he sorted mail and went for coffee.

Steve Kowch was Operations Manager. His first byline followed about a year later.

William (Bill) Stephenson: Broadcaster was voice of CFRB sports for four decades

Catharines, Jayne Hawtin moved to p. He had joined CFRB in Standard Broadcasting Corporation Ltd. CFRB manager Harry Sedgwick said no equipment had been purchased yet and an opening date was not known at this point.