BOOK REVIEW: The Roots of Coincidence: An Excursion into Parapsychology by Arthur Koestler (Vintage Books) With psychologist Carl. Critical Review of Arthur Koestler’s “The Roots of Coincidence”!1 by Jake Embrey The study of parapsychology, external sensory perception (ESP) and. The Roots of Coincidence. By Arthur Koestler. THE ROOTS OF COINCIDENCE : AN EXCURSION INTO PARAPSYCHOLOGY, Arthur Koestler.

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Exploring links between physics and parapsychology, Koestler elaborates on his theories on paranormal phenomena through analyses of experiments involving ESP and psychokinesis.

The Roots of Coincidence by Arthur Koestler

My library Help Advanced Book Search. The particles discussed by Koestler such as neutrinos and positrons are particles which had both empirical and mathematical proof of their existence, despite their subatomic and peculiar nature.

They consist of, for example, thousands of repeated attempts to guess which randomly generated number or symbol will pop up next. Koestler postulates links between modern physics, their interaction with time and paranormal phenomena.

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It is out of print and can likely only be found at University libraries. Even if a whole bunch of people swear something thw, it still really only amounts to hearsay. I can see the appeal and the thinking. View all 9 comments. Even if you accept the author’s suggestion at the start to skim the physics chapter if you don’t have a head for it, it consumed much of the following chapters too. Click here to sign up. One of them, Miranda, I chose for the name of my own daughter, except that at the time I knew of the name only from the moons of Uranus.

Koestler’s discussion of Jung’s rotos on synchronicity is quite critical. Mar 08, Gabriel rated it liked it. This had been an instructive read, I thought, going through the final paragraph. Later that year in Spain, he was captured by the Fascist forces under Franco, and sentenced to death. This is overall a fair critique of that book which was definitely marred by a hollowness of tangible proof.


The possible offsetting movement toward quantum computing does nothing to erase the increasing presence of the hard physical world and the elaborations arcane as some may be of conventional science.

Jul 29, Devin rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of the founding members was Caroline Watt, who was interviewed by New Scientist in their 25 April issue, coinciddnce an article asking, “What has 30 years of research uncovered? Unless by intentional misdirection, Koestler never actually addresses the questions of coincidence. It was not an easy read. Dowsing rated it really liked it. This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat Released inhe went to England, where he made his home.

We live in a world dominated by wires, A book of its time published infull of disputable arguments meant to support notions of parapsychology, and occasionally adorned with mildly interesting facts.

Or is the human brain the answer? Koestler was very aware that the idea of parapsychology marrying physics was new and controversial, but believed it would be undeniably proven in time. I read this on mushrooms- locked in my room. It is an overview of the foincidence of, and developments in, psi, ESP and other aspects of parapsychology.

Views Read Edit View history. Just to prove how incredibly clever he is despite this, I offer from Theodore Dalrymple: Although Koestler and the experiments in which he cites appear immediately convincing, upon further scrutiny there exists a fundamentally non-scientific nature to the experiments and adoption of theories within parapsychology. Someone who had known Arthur Koestler told me a little story about him. Whereas on the other hand the carefully controlled experiments are utterly reliable For me it was a mirror of ambiguity to question your own belief system in the review of his postulates.

I couldn’t stop myself from asking her whether her parents were Shakespeare fans, or if they just liked the name. Thus begins an exceptionally well-written book which is an excursion of sorts into Parapsychology with an intent to making it more academically respectable than it was at the time and to dispel the popular notion of the psychic investigator as an uncritical believer and a willing prey to fraudulent mechanisms.


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Despite evident flaws from a strictly probabilistic and statistical viewpoint concerning parapsychological conclusions, there also exist flaws within the methods themselves adopted by parapsychologists. This cat appears in the book you see below!

Most of Koestler’s arguments are actually pretty solid and his off theoretical framework is very elegant, widely applicable, and maybe even capable of shedding light on some very fundamental mysteries. The cover of the Picador paperback edition, with dominoes in the foreground representing star coordinates, is integral to furthering the plot of this episode.

Koestler is referenced several times in the work, and in the movie novelization by Steve Moore. Koestler ties this concept to modern physics and Newtonian Law. Thanks for dropping by. He was born into a Hungarian Jewish family in Budapest but, apart from his early school years, was educated in Austria.

The Roots of Coincidence

ESP however is completely the contrary, there exist no known causal connections between any parapsychological theories. Not only lacking the ability to reliably predict outcomes, yet also completely lacking a causally grounded theory. The reference in the title is to Jung’s Synchronicity “meaningful coincidence” theory which hinges on a metaphysical bridging of the physical and the psychic which the psychiatrist called “the psychoid.

And, at that exact momenton the radio, they were talking about cavalry maneouvres at Waterloo and uttered the words “on the right wing. The s and s have passed and faded.

The same lack of falsifiability can be observed when subjects who at first showed telepathic traits later lose their ability. Koestler explains in relative detail experiments by Professors DR. Meet the Vinyl Detective. Logic, methodology, and philosophy of science VI.