By Gaetano Cipolla Professor Emeritus, St John’s University President and Editor of Arba Sicula marks the th anniversary of the death of Giovanni Meli. ARBA SICULA is the official journal of the Sicilian- American organization by the same name whose principal objective is to preserve, study, and promote. We publish a journal entitled “Arba Sicula” that contains sections on Sicilian poetry, prose, art, history, film cuisine, book reviews. The journal is entirely bilingual.

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We also publish a 20 page magazine entitled “Sicilia Parra” twice a year, informing our members about our events.


L’Italia non ha investito in Sicilia o nel sud. Parmitano is now back on earth after successfully completing his excursion in space.

Fortunately things have gotten better, but there is a lingering suspicion of Sicilians, thanks to the media that seem to consider Sicilians synonymous with organized crime, then not to be trusted.

He was also a professor of languages at St. While dedicated mainly to the Sicilian diaspora in North America, the organisation is also recognised amongst the various cultural and political institutions of Sicily itself. Retrieved 31 Dec Crediamo che i poeti siano i nostri migliori ambasciatori.

Sicilians know that hospitality is a sacred duty. This year our 20th year we are holding two consecutive tours because of the great interest people have in going to Sicily. By Gaetano Cipolla As president and editor of Arba Sicula, a non profit international organization that promotes Sicilian language and culture, I am always looking for materials that can help me fulfill the objectives of the association.

I was proud to see a Sicilian fisherman stick to his conviction that at sea if you can help you don’t let people drown, even at the risk of going to jail.


Arba Sicula – Sicily Town by Town

John’s UniversityNew York for many years, [5] having recently retired. In the last issue of Arba Sicula we published an article about the first Sicilian astronaut, Luca Parmitano, who spent six months in space, working in the International Space Station. Sicilians honor their guests. To subscribe to the publicationsthat I recommend please send: Abbiamo oltre membri in tutto il mondo, e almeno un membro in ogni stato degli Stati Uniti, compresi Alaska e Hawaii.

The man who invented the Moon Rover was a member and came on one of our tours of Sicily. Molti si sistemarono in una specifica strada dell’originale Little Italy a Manhattan: Sicily is the best kept secret, but the word is getting out and Arba Sicula has had an important part in that.

I siciliani che vivono negli Stati Uniti mantengono un legame emotivo con la loro isola e cercano di passarlo ai loro figli insieme con il loro amore. Se si cerca su Google o Wikipedia “siciliani celebri” ne escono tantissimi. When you read Sicilan, you may note that Sicilian stories and poetry have a unique flavor and style. Feast for the senses was repeated by all that came from Sicily. It is a larger problem that requires world attention. The society was founded in And we know that Marco Polo claimed that spaghetti were invented by the Chinese.

Arba Sicula – Wikipedia

Cipolla’s most recent translations, but also makes mention of his work over the past 40 years. I do not know what the solution is.

Views Read Edit View history. There are hundred of personalities of Sicilian origin who have made a name for themselves.

This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat All immigrants to America have had to face difficult times, but Sicilians were singled out for a much more brutal treatment, especially during the first years of their arrival. Sicily is the Italian region from which comes the highest number of people who emigrated to America.


I have created two series of books for Legas. We need to combat the stereotypes at every opportunity. Oggi la Sicilia soffre di un diverso, opposto problema: Often I have been surprised to receive a gifta free copy of a book of poems written in Sicilian. Questi eventi, che si tengono alla St.

We have over members throughout the world. Io non conosco nessun eicula italiano che volontariamente aggiunge questa informazione. But what can they do it they have no means to even feed themselves?

Fondamentalmente i siciliani cercano di creare un’altra Sicilia ovunque vadano. In the larger American context, the differences between Sicilians and other Italians may have become somewhat blurry, but if you ask a Sicilian what he is, he zicula still answer “I am Sicilian,” usually followed by “and I am proud of it.

The economic conditions in Sicily are terrible. The great majority of Sicilians is law abiding, hard working, honest, family oriented, and dependable who do not deserve to carry the stigma of the Mafia. The Sicilians who live in the United States maintain an emotional bond with their island and they try to pass along their love to their offspring. Se le chiediamo di citare alcuni importanti personaggi che hanno rappresentato e ancora oggi rappresentano oggi l’orgoglio di essere siciliani negli Stati Uniti, che nomi le vengono in mente?