Akai S Sampler & MD disk drive owners manuals. I no longer have this sampler/drive, but I found the owners manuals in my file cabinet. This is. AKAI MODEL S SECTION 4 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM AIVIC PC BOARDS No part of this manual may be re- produced in any form without permission from. Akai S This page is mainly under construction. 😉 I want to collect here useful information regarding the Akai S Sampler. user manual (to be scanned); service manual part 1 · service manual part 2 · Update: Info regarding the.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. IC 1 VEE -8,9 2 2. O Further technical information will be issured as any arises. Keep such information carefully under the name of this file.

August Subject: Board has been changed from VI. Accordingly, the Operator’s Manual has been changed as follows. Manual Splice Mode The S61 mannual normally sets up a splicing point by using the automat- ic splicing system. Eight presses will return to the point set by the levers.

Akai S612 Service Manual

Middle of June Service Ref. To improve reliability No. Board, the insulator has been changed as follows. July Manuap Ref. To improve performance In order to prevent noise or distortion in sound when a chord is played, the registor value in Main P. Board has been changed as follows. August Because of the unfavorable popularity of Commodore type cassette data akkai. Board has been eliminated. Accordingly, Rear Panel has been changed to a new one without on opening for cassette connector.

Sound distorts when sampled at maximum level. The value of registors in Main P. Board and Power supply P. Board have been changed as follows. New 2-R98 2-R 27K 2-R 2.

When replacing a new type Main P. Board into an old type unit, be sure to modify Power Supply P. Board for proper function. Not interchangeable Service Ref. Parts identified by the A symbol parts are critical for safety. Replace only with parts number specified. In addition to safety, other parts and assemblies are specified for conformance with such regulations as those applying to spurious radiation. These must also be replaced only with specified replacements.

Use specified internal wiring. Use specified insulating materials for hazardous live parts. When replacing AC primary side components transformers, power cords, noise blocking capacitors, etc.

Akai S612 Manuals

Observe that wires do kaai contact heat producing parts heatsinks, oxide metal film resistors, fusible resistors, etc. Check that replaced wires do not contact sharp edged or pointed aiai. Also check areas surrounding repaired locations. Use care that foreign objects screws, solder droplets, etc. Reassemble in reverse order. Attention Never connect this cartridge to any other equipment. Attention Never connect this plug to any other equipment.


In a non-operative mode of the mechanical block, the head will always remain at a standstill at the inner periphery of a disk, i. The head will then be shifted along the recording track from the outer peri- phery toward the inner, a,ai either read or write operations in the interim.

S6122 shifting will also be made by a cam. Bidirectional Buffer Not only minimizes influences to the input circuit, but also strengthens drive capabilities for the out- put circuit. SIO Channel A chiefly performs the serial-parallel as well as parallel-serial conversions of data, and at the same time, also generates CRC that is required for data error checks.

Presented below are the individual signals that will be employed for both the channels, A and B, of SIO. A transmitting data output.


The clock for transmission Transmitting data TXDA will be sampled at down -going edges of this clock, for output. A received data input. The clock for reception. This signal is used for execising bit synchron- ization on MFDemodulator.

The original quartz oscillation is at 6. Write amplifier Drives the current for flowing through the head to write data. Read Amplifier Amplifies and differentiates the input voltage picked up by the head, and by passing it through a zero-cross comparator, will convert it to a sig- nal waveform at logic levels in correspondence to flux reversal positions on the medium.

Motor Controller Serves for controlling the rotary speed and speed- torque characteristics of the motor, by increasing the current flowing through the motor when at an increased motor load, and will not only enhance the speed-torque characteristics of the motor above its bare characteristics, but also suppress the effect of power supply voltage fluctuations.

Digital Converter By inputting signals from the read amplifier, con- verts them to a signal that will enable the SIO cir- cuit to distinguish the data read data.

The fre- quency will be maunal by the process. Frequency Divider Divides the write data signal into half the fre- quency A data signal that has been waveform-shaped into pulses out of the analog signal read out from a disk. Never con- nect any other equipment to the MD28Q.

Before loading a sampler disk into the Akai MD, remove this protection card w612 the disk holder. When transporting the Akai MD over a long dis- tance, be sure to insert this protection card inside of the disk holder again.

Never connect this cartridge to any other equipment. Never connect this plug to any other equipment. Never touch the magnetic sheet, as dust and akao may cause data error. When the write protec- tion tabs are brokenthe MD can read voice data from the kaai disk, but it cannot write SAVE voice data onto the sampler disk. If you want to “write again after the tabs have been broken, cover them with adhesive tape. If the sampler disk is the cause, replace the sam- pler disk with a new one.


Use a liquid cleaner exclusively made for tape decks.

Akai S | Sound Programming

Remove the 4 screws msnual the left and right side pan- els 2 each of the Akai MD Remove the screws from the front and rear panels 1 screw each for both front and rear panels. Remove the upper cover of the Akai MD Remove the 2 screws which secure the disk holder. Insert a screwdriver into the 2 holes on the rear panel. Make sure the cassette holder is closed when re- moving the screws.

Remove the lid from the disk holder.

Pull up on the felt pad holder, then remove the felt pad from the holder. Hold your finger on the felt pad holder to keep it open until you have attached the new felt pad.

To securely attach the felt pad, a tweezer should be used. After attaching the felt pad to the felt pad holder, replace into place gently. Reattach the 2 screws which secure the disk holder. Reattach the upper cover to the Akai MD with the 6 screws 1 screw each for the front and the rear panels, 2 screws each for the left and right sides of the upper cover.

For the reason, if some troubles are occured under the execution of the MD, the engineer must determine whether the trouble is occured by the MD or S The determination is performed by using the S and the test media for operation. Before the process, the fol- lowing basic items must be checked.

Of course, even if the S shows a correct operation, the following items should be checked. The ,anual SAVE will not be performed without the above tab. If the re-writing is required, perform it qkai sealing the hole with adhesive tape etc. Replace it with a new disk if necessary. Refer to the head cleaning method as shown in the Maintenance I page 12 and perform the cleaning.

The determination can be performed by replacing the felt pad with a new one. Refer to the replacement method of the felt pad as shown in the Maintenance II page 13 and perform the replacement of felt pad. Lifetime expiration of head If the head had been used very frequently or long time, the expiration of head lifetime caused by wearing would be considered. Confirm the wearing condition by the following procedure: Consider that the stan- dard width of rub-out surface is over 2mm.

Anyway, if the head lifetime is expired, the mecha mechanism block must be replaced. Accordingly, replace the mecha block refering to the mecha block replacement meth- od page